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Most Common Mosquito Breeding Sites

Author: admin
Date: October 27, 2022

Mosquitoes are creative when it comes to spreading their population. With most creatures our goal is to procreate. That is in our nature. Same for mosquitoes.

Effective mosquito control starts with their breeding grounds. This article is all about the areas of our homes and businesses that mosquitoes are attracted to for laying eggs.

Where Do Mosquitoes Breed

Mosquitoes are creative little blood suckers and find breeding nests in just about anything with an inch or more deep standing water. To eliminate these pests you need to start with the common mosquito breeding sites. Below is a long list of places mosquitoes can breed causing your mosquito problems to worsen.

  1. Gutters
  2. Tire Swings & Old Tires
  3. Kid Toys & Play Sets
  4. Air Conditioner Drip Trays
  5. Birdbaths
  6. Trash Cans
  7. Standing Water
  8. Tool Boxes
  9. Old Vehicles
  10. Tree Stumps
  11. Pools
  12. Flower Pots

There are so many more but this covers a good bit of things we see around our homes for mosquitoes to lay eggs and multiply.

The goal here is to eliminate places where they can lay eggs. Get rid of things that could cause them to breed or keep checking them regularly to get rid of standing water.


Gutters are a common place for mosquitoes to breed and lay eggs. A build up of debris such as leaves and twigs cause standing water. To avoid this areas make sure your gutters actually drain water but also keep them clean. Sometimes drains like this do not flow down which can cause an area of water being held but debris as well can cause a build up of decaying foliage which will hold water from draining. Keep your drains clean and at least check them once per month.

Tire Swings And Old Tires

Fun things like a tire swing should not be a problem but unfortunately it is. Tire swings go unused for some time and when it rains water collects inside the tire allowing mosquitoes the opportunity to breed and lay eggs. This is one of the more common places I see when I inspect customer properties we service. It is a good idea to check these fun spots after rainfall to keep them dry.

Old tires laying around your home or garage also build up water. It is best to dispose of these or keep them in a dry place to avoid stagnant water.

Kids Toys And Play Sets

Another facepalm here but unfortunately it doesn't actually take much water for mosquitoes to breed. Kids toys, much like a tire swing, also have areas where water can build up and allow mosquitoes to breed. The best approach is to bring these toys in or have a designated area where they can be kept out of the rain.

Play sets are also great for mosquitoes to breed. There are certain parts that build up water. Keep an eye out for these and if you cannot control that then we offer mosquito dunks that will kill any mosquito eggs or larvae.

Air Conditioner Drip Trays

I spoke with an HVAC expert AJ the owner of AVU Air and he mentioned that these drip trays are designed to keep water out of your home and supposed to drain away from your home. These drain areas need to be regularly cleaned to allow the flow of water. If not...well you guessed it another mosquito breeding ground.

Bird Baths

These lawn decorations are beautiful and attract some really beautiful birds to your home but they can cause problems. These bird baths are a common place mosquitoes breed. It is best to keep them clean regularly. We will apply a mosquito dunk in these ornamentals but you should still clean them regularly.

Trash Cans

Water can build up inside a trash can creating the perfect place for mosquitoes to breed. I always drill holes at the bottom of my cans to keep water from building up. Keep lids on top of the trash can and never let the trash pile up enough to prevent lid closure. If that happens it is time to add another can to your property to mitigate that issue.

Standing Water

Mosquitoes love standing water. This can be anywhere including the places we have already discussed but it can also be water standing in your lawn or a pond. Mosquito dunks are very effective in this case. If you have an area in your property that holds water and does not drain then you need to fix this with rock or more soil depending on the situation. Even planting a tree or something there could help with the situation of standing water.

Tool Boxes

Tool boxes offer a place for mosquitoes to breed. If left the population can get out of hand causing you to never enjoy your outdoor space. Keep lids closed and never leave tool boxes outside for long periods of time.

Old Vehicles

Old vehicles can cause mosquitoes to breed due to the many places water can build up. Places like the truck bed, tail lights etc are great places for mosquitoes to lay eggs. Drill holes in the light casing and keep water from building up. Also, if you can just get rid of the vehicle.

Tree Stumps

The very center of a tree stump can hold water causing mosquitoes to breed and lay eggs. These stumps should be regularly inspected and or removed from your property. There are many ways to remove a tree stump so research this and get that done if necessary. You can also hire a professional.


Pools and hot tubs are a breeding site for mosquitoes. Pools and tubs should be maintained and covered. Inground pools should have covers and should be treated. If you cannot cover them keep water moving. There are many pool and hot tub accessories that create moving water which mosquitoes do not find optimal for their breeding.

Flower Pots

Flower pots are another big one for mosquitoes. As mentioned it does not take much water. It just needs to be there and not moving. Mosquitoes love laying eggs in flower pots so make sure they are draining properly and regularly check them for standing water.


It all really boils down to standing water. Anything that can hold water for a period of time can be a breeding site for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Remove as many or all of these things to avoid turning your home into a mosquito breeding habitat.

If you prefer we can help. We can inspect your property to give you a good plan of action and help educate you even further. We also provide mosquito treatments and mosquito dunks for areas that cannot be drained. Give us a call today!

Most Common Mosquito Breeding Sites
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